Rumour: First Killzone 3 info next month

Rumour: First Killzone 3 info next month

Guerrilla Games’ first person shooter Killzone 2 may have been over-shadowed by Uncharted 2 by the end of 2009, but it was still one of the year’s best games. It might also have been a long time in the making, but with the game’s impressive PlayStation 3 engine already complete, it may not be too long until we see Killzone 3.

A PSU (that’s Universe, and not the superior University by the way) Forum member named SkiTh has teased that soon he, and possibly Sony, will be able to bring Killzone 3 info to our eyes and ears. He writes:

His reliablity is measured on his statement that he writes for a number of gaming websites and has access to promotional review copies of all the latest unreleased games – proved by screenshots in the PSU thread.

You might be thinking that there’s no chance that Killzone 3 could come out this year or even in early-2011, but if you remember that Killzone 2 was finished by December 2008, December 2010 will fit in with the typical two-year development time scale that Guerrilla Games is expected to fit into now that their PS3 engine is complete (just like Naughty Dog). P.S. We are almost certain that Guerrilla’s next game will be Killzone 3.

There’s also news of other PS3 exclusives today, with Insomniac hiring for their next project, and Eutechnyx (Ferrari Challenge) is teasing their own. We have our own news on two PS3 exclusives (one announced, one unannounced) but it may be some time before we can spill that for you. Over and out.

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